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Women+ deserve better! We’re not getting the help we need during menopause. For far too long, the approach has often been one-size-fits-all, but those going through menopause know that it’s a unique journey. It’s time for an accessible, inclusive, online destination to help women+ find support and answers during this natural stage of life.

pausitive health exists because we have seen the consequences of not having access to this type of resource.

Because despite raising a hand for help, and often working with primary care physicians and OB-GYN’s, many of us can still remain unheard.

We first became aware of how badly a different solution was needed when a close friend shared her story. She had symptoms experienced by 75% of women – hot flashes and night sweats – causing problems with sleep and fatigue that spilled into her non-sleeping hours. But she actually found a way to manage symptoms that worked for her.

However, her male PCP and OB-GYN had different ideas.

During every visit, she was advised strongly to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). She knew she had found a system that worked for her. She was cautious about introducing hormones and following a one-size-fits-all approach. So, she refused.

Instead of working with her, instead of crafting a unique medical path and treating her like an individual, her OB-GYN actually got angry because she would not take hormones.

When she told me her story, I got mad (after lifting my mouth from the floor). The whole situation was so wrong from so many angles. Not only was it wrong, it did not need to be that way.

Women deserve better. Women deserve to be heard. Women deserve so much more than the healthcare system is usually equipped and clinicians are trained to provide when it comes to the menopause journey.

The answer? pausitive health.

pausitive health is a holistic, “one-stop-shopping shopping” experience that offers solutions designed specifically to support women+ across the life cycle of perimenopause, menopause, and the post-menopausal stages of the menopause journey and beyond.

We believe everyone has more power than we sometimes recognize. The power to change, the power to bring our dreams to life, and the power to make the world a better place.

We believe women+ have SUPERpowers which are evident every day. In ways both large and small. We deserve to have our needs and concerns acknowledged and addressed, especially when it comes to our health and well-being. And when it comes to the menopause transition, we should not have to suffer in silence.

pausitive health is excited to do its part to make life easier and help you live your best life

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