pausitive health Team

ZC Edwards headshot

Z. Colette Edwards, MD, MBA

Founder and Chief Medical Officer
Scott Vogt headshot

Scott Vogt

Jane Hindes Miller headshot

Jane Hindes Miller

Bob Gold

Bob Gold

Director, Market Partnerships and Collaborations
Jessica Andersen

Jessica Andersen

Director, Program Strategy, Development, and Measurement

Tanise Edwards, MD

Medical Content Reviewer
Kim Fancher headshot

Kim Fancher

Program Director
Jay Fischer

Jay Fischer

William Golz

William Golz

Engagement & Content Strategist
Khanh Nguyen

Khanh Nguyen

Designer & Researcher

Charlotte Owens, MD, FACOG

Medical Advisor
Courtney Pesek

Courtney Pesek

Podcast Host

Kate Schaeffer

Copy Editor
Shelley Schoenfeld headshot

Shelley Schoenfeld

Director of Consumer Experience

Jenn Strathman

Content Strategy and Digital Marketing
Nakecia Taffa

Nakecia Taffa, RN

Director, Quality Improvement and Health Equity
G. Julz Richterman

G. Julz Richterman, PharmaD, MBA, BCGP

Medical Writer
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